How to Enter a Sighting

1 Click Sightings Header on Opening Screen
2 Click New on Screen.
3 Enter Colour Ring Code with Colour Prefix (B = Black, W = White, Y = Yellow, R = Red). Ignore any dots in codes. For example White 3.T8 = W3T8, Black 8AK7 = B8AK7, Yellow 0.JJ7 = Y0JJ7 Press Return.
4 (Optional) Click the box to refresh ring preview. The ring will then load and show in the box (takes up to 30 seconds).
5 Trapping Method – defaults to N/A. Only change if the bird was trapped.
6 Reporting Circumstances – defaults to colour ring sighting. However other possibilities are included in dropdown list (e.g. found dead). Select from dropdown list if necessary. (It is possible to “Add a Reporting Circumstance” if it is not already in the list. Click Add Reporting Circumstance and enter data and then click Submit).
7 Enter Date in format Day/Month/Year – default = today’s date
8 Location – over type in the box and select location from dropdown list (>1,800 locations listed). (It is possible to enter a new location if it is not listed. Click Add Location, enter data. Co-ordinates are in Degrees Decimal e.g. 49.506694 -2.540867. Submit).
9 Enter Observer (SURNAME/FAMILY name first). Overtype in box and select observer (>950 observers listed). (New Observers can be added – Click Add Observer. Enter name (SURNAME/FAMILY first). Submit).
10 Review your data entry. If you are content press Apply for each record. If you are entering multiple sightings do not click Submit until you have entered all sightings with the same data. Once all sightings with the same data (except the colour ring code) have been entered click Submit.
11 From the Screen select “Sightings Report”. Enter Colour Ring code (as before) with correct colour prefix. Press Return to see the Full Life History (excluding the current record). I have to verify all sightings added to the database (to maintain quality control of data). This may take 24-48 hours. Once verified the Sightings Report will show every sighting (including the most recent). Optional – the Life History can be downloaded by clicking the “Download CSV” box. These links will always update automatically, so you can check back at any time to see any further updates for “your” birds!
12 Optional – Click Sightings Map from the Main Menu. Enter Colour ring code (with correct colour prefix) as before. Press Return. The map can be downloaded by clicking the “Download KML” link (you have to have Google Earth installed on your computer to see the maps).